RESET Travel

Small travel brand. Big difference.



Not places.




Reset was born out of the belief that travel has the power to change us. 

the best change is created when we connect with other cultures to celebrate our differences and similarities. 


Reset offers group trips based upon your personal motives and connects you with like-minded people from across the globe to create experiences that open minds and change perspectives. To find out how they work click here or select a trip below. 


Motive: Creative inspiration/motivation

For the cool cats. Artists, photographers, writers, designers, MacBook users and start-up founders. 


Motive: ease feelings of anxiousness

One for the worry warts. Turn uneasy into breezy. Kick those nerves to the kerb. A quest for the distressed.


Motive: de-stress and slow down

Stressheads unite. Pause. Take a breather. Gather your thoughts. And then throw them away. Bliss.

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