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Reset is a collaborative project, between myself (hey, that's me below) and others who want to be moved by their travel experiences. It's an exploration of familiar and unfamiliar surroundings and who we are when we're in them.

For me, Reset is a journey as I seek to understand the influence that places have on us, in order to start a new travel business that creates personal and transformative trips for those seeking new perspectives. 




So who am I and why did I start Reset?

I am by no means a seasoned traveller or travel expert. I didn't step foot on a plane until I was 19, which is maybe where my obsession with foreign places started. 

I read a lot when I was younger, and I was always fascinated by characters who had travelled - not a glam jetset type of travel, but people who had set off on improvised trips with little money, often resulting in exceptional experiences that changed them.

Having built up these mind-altering trips in my head, when I finally did get to venture abroad I was disappointed. I expected to automatically feel something when visiting somewhere foreign. Truthfully, visiting famous landmarks that I was supposed to be in awe of bored me. I found it - and still find it - difficult to get past feeling like I was checking off a tourist checklist without delving beneath the surface. 

It wasn't until I saved up to backpack around Thailand for a summer that I experienced a shift in my mindset. Upon returning, I had clearer perspective, a more positive outlook and had gained a lot more confidence. I read The New Art of Travel, which encourages readers to take advantage of the psychological benefits of travel, and began to question why the travel industry wasn't doing this.

Throughout the internet, I can easily find what a destination can physically offer me; restaurants, brunches, museums - yet there's nowhere that I could search destinations by what they can personally offer me -  peace of mind following the loss of a loved one, self-belief for a young and uncertain woman or liberation for a stressed worker who feels confined.

Reset is the answer to this. It's a travel alternative that I hope will grow to completely reset the way people think about and plan their travel. My vision is to create a brand that offers trips suited towards these personal motives, that go far beyond an itinerary. I want to create experiences that completely challenge our usual ways of thinking, open our minds and leave us a little different to when we left.  

To uncover what makes this type of experience, I'll be interviewing people who have been shaped by leaving their comfort zones and immersing themselves in new surroundings. I'm also inviting readers to share the places that have positively influenced them in the Reset Network so others can use it as an emotive travel guide. Please get involved, share your stories and recommendations and stay up to date with what I'm doing on the Reset social pages to be a part of (what I hope is) the future of travel.


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