The story so far.

Reset was started from the simple belief in travels ability to change our mindset and end prejudice. It's a transformative travel brand dedicated to opening people's minds and transforming their perspective by connecting different cultures across the world.

Reset offers group trips for anxiety, creativity and stress, combining exciting destinations with an itinerary tailored for your personal goals and meetings with locals who share the same motives as you.  Read on to understand the story behind Reset, click here to gain insight on transformative travel or visit the blog to see how travel can improve your life.


Founder, Kayla Joleen in Kerala, India.

Founder, Kayla Joleen in Kerala, India.

I initially started Reset with one simple thought in mind - that travel has the ability to change us. When I returned from my first backpacking trip, I felt like a different person. I was more confident, less worried, had a much clearer perspective of my life and overall felt like the most laid-back, happiest version of myself. 

The more I started to research the therapeutic effects of travelling, the more I questioned why the travel industry wasn’t taking advantage of it. Travel has been proven to make us more confident, less stressed, increase our creativity, make us more tolerant and adaptable to change and even makes us better problem solvers. So why aren't we making the most of this?

Why don't we use travel to become better versions of ourselves? When our monotonous routines and stress from work, finances and relationships take their toll, why don't we use travel to reset ourselves?

At its deepest level, travel can assist us with our psychological education. When it corrects the imbalances and immaturities of our natures, travel reveals its full potential to function as a form of therapy in our lives.
— Alain De Botton

I wanted to create a company that focused on the mental benefits that travelling can provide us, and help people tailor their experiences in a way that would meet their personal needs: problems they want to work on or hopes they want to achieve. 

This is what Reset will do, however in light of events that took place in 2016, there was one mental benefit in particular that I really wanted to focus on. Seeing borders going up, divisions increase and racial tensions rise made me certain that travels ability to kill ignorance and prejudice would become one of Reset's main values. So how do I plan on bringing this all together? 

Reset trips will create transformative experiences that address people's personal motives - trips for anxiety, motivation or creativity for example - and then connect them with people from other cultures who can help aid these motives.  Maybe they'll be going through the same thing or have been through it, but either way they'll inspire, offer a different perspective and give insight into a new culture, allowing for a more local travel experience rather than a touristy one. I want to make travel more personal and create deeper connections with people across the globe using our differences to inspire each other, but ultimately showing how similar we all really are. 

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.
— Mark Twain

This year I’ll be starting group tours in the city I know best - London - before branching out to some other exciting destinations next year. Come and join me, see how else you can get involved or simply say hello.