Why budget travels easily make the most exciting trips

Can you afford to go long-term travelling?

Chances are, your immediate answer was no. But if you do have any type of income coming in, it’s very likely that you can. It’s just a matter of changing your perspective on how you travel and what you choose to keep spending your money on. (And of course, a little patience while you take the time to save.)

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Where to go when deep breaths and meditation do nothing for your anxiety

So you’ve been feeling a little uneasy, a bit anxious and slightly on edge. Those deep breaths that are meant to make it disappear? For you, they’re about as useful as Donald Trump. Meditation? Ditto. Yoga? Not your thing.

They might work for some, but if they don’t then maybe you need something a little tougher to remove those irksome thoughts. Might I suggest a trip? 

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Pushing my comfort zone in Tenerife: travelling with anxiety

I had spent months and months feeling as though I needed a change, as though I needed to do something impulsive. So when I heard I’d be able to go to Tenerife to volunteer with whales and dolphins, I thought “why not?”

I wouldn’t say I jumped at the chance, considering I’d never done anything like that before, especially not on my own. It’s fair to say I was pretty terrified. But, I booked it, and that was that. 

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Kayla Doris