Reset's first weekend: Woman on a Mission Part 1

Last weekend I hosted Reset's very first mini-break 'The Woman on a Mission weekend' - a motivational weekend in London for women who are trying to start their own businesses and careers. It was an amazing - and very busy - two days, where I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of supportive and inspiring women.

Me introducing the theme

Me introducing the theme

We started off the day with the 'Come as You'll Be in 5 Years' themed brunch. The brunch was set in 2022, where we had to act as though we had achieved all of our personal and professional goals. It was a fun ice-breaker but there was a bigger purpose behind it. It was intended to be a visualization exercise that fills the subconscious with positive images. By acting as though you've achieved what you want, you start taking the steps you need to get there and attracting things that will help you get it. (If you're familiar with the law of attraction this will make more sense, if not then check out this video as I will probably do a terrible job of explaining it.)

I wanted every part of the weekend to have a motivational purpose behind it, so the brunch was no exception. To help with the 2022 theme, newspapers from the future were laid out on the tables - Trump had been killed after the wall fell on him and Sadiq Khan was Prime Minister. Everyone had vision-postcards waiting for them at their seat with their 5 year goals written out for them - something to take away and look at for when they needed reminding of where they wanted to get to.

Amongst our future selves were four of Forbes 30 under 30's, several authors, a few magazine editors, a CEO and talk show host, and a founder of a foundation that builds schools in India and poorer parts of the world. It was inspiring to hear everyone else's goals and I think everyone enjoyed being surrounded by women who shared their mindset and ambitions. 

In keeping with the theme of the weekend, the brunch was at the female-founded Empress Market in London Fields. It was started by Numra who had her own street food vendor called Bun Kabab, while her friend (and now business partner), Sara, had her own alcoholic-slushy vendor called Sister Slush. The two joined forces and the result is Empress Market, a Pakistani and New Orleans inspired restaurant and bar with food and cocktails to die for. On the brunch menu was spiced omelettes, flatbreads stuffed with spiced potato, and French toast amongst others - super filling but good fuel for the long day ahead. 

Next stop was chilled co-working space Work.Life - it's floor-to-ceiling windows, potted plants and giant kitchen made it the ideal spot to host our workshops, where a variety of successful London ladies were coming along to talk to us.

Editor-in-Chief of SUITCASE magazine, Kate Hamilton, kicked off the sessions with a talk around the importance of storytelling for your brand. We discussed her own career journey as well as what she's learned while editing a magazine, which was extremely beneficial for the majority of us who wanted content-led websites or magazines. Kate talked us through all the parts of our brand that we need to think about - the characters, the setting, the readers, etc - and gave it a nice touch by inviting us to think of it as storytelling.

This was followed by Bethany Ayers, former Senior Vice President at New Voice Media (she helped raise millions for them and is a force to be reckoned with.) Beth spoke to us all about funding our start-ups, business plans and all that practical, important stuff that can often be overlooked when you're so focused on the creative side of things (so guilty for this). The session was very casual and interactive as the whole room got involved with speaking to her, but some of her most interesting insights came from when we got off topic and she mentioned sometimes not feeling good enough or how it felt being the one of the only women in her previous job role. It seemed bizarre to hear that from someone so successful, but it was a reminder of how we all have our own doubts and uncertainties no matter what stage of our career we're at.


The final workshop (after we all stopped for a slice of cake) was with Nikola Vasakova, Founder of GiF (Girls in FIlm) a platform for female filmmakers. Nikola built a strong community-following after hosting a series of events in London last year that all sold out. She spoke to us about the importance of interacting with your audience and building a loyal following rather than just having a load of random followers that don't actually engage with what you do. Everyone was split into smaller groups where there were 3 work stations for them to move around, each with a different task on how they could engage with their potential audience. 

The day flew by but it wasn't over yet. After a busy afternoon taking notes, it was time to relax for an evening of food, cocktails, a panel discussion and a fun TRIGGER Conversations session too. Read all about it in Part 2!

Kayla Doris