• Gain some perspective on your worries by experiencing a new and foreign land.
  • Connect with others on your trip who can relate to how you feel. 
  • Exert yourself in physical challenges that quiet the mind, focus the thoughts and give you a boost in confidence.
  • Declutter your thoughts and disconnect by taking a digital detox.
  • Get to know locals and learn how they deal with and overcome anxiety.
  • Experience the feeling of being worry-free in fun and invigorating activities.
  • Learn what works for you and how to manage anxiety when you return.

who's it for?

The jitter bugs. You may be experiencing anxious feelings* that make you uneasy and on edge, or feel as so consumed by thoughts that you're not fully appreciating moments in your life. This isn't an escape from your worries, it's for people who need time out to gather their thoughts and address what they need to change. 

*Please note, this is for people who have been having feelings of anxiety. If you think you suffer from an anxiety disorder then please seek medical advice if necessary.

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