Travel that moves you

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Want to plan a transformative trip but don't know where to start?

Reset's got you covered. The Reset Workbook is the only travel planner that will help you uncover what you're seeking and design a trip that addresses exactly what you need.

Travel isn't easy on the bank account, which is why you want to do it right. With 4 sections, 7 thought-provoking worksheets and 4 posters to choose from, the Workbook provides all you need to start planning your life-altering trip and helps you to avoid any underwhelming experiences.

Download the book and print it out or save the trees and work from it online or just print out the pages that you need. Some of these exercises are there to provoke you - take your time and use them as a guide to answer more in-depth in a separate notebook. 

Section 1: State your purpose: Understanding your reasons for travel

Section 2: Personalise your trip: Planning a trip that meets your wants and needs

Section 3: Dig Deep: Carrying out your research

Section 4: Be Savvy: Putting the pennies away

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