trips that rock

your world. 

 Shake up what you know and rearrange your mindset. 

Reset trips are for people who want more from their travels. They’re for go-getters who want to be challenged and moved by new experiences.They’re for the solo traveller who wants to meet a variety of people. They’re for globetrotters who want to truly experience a destination rather than stay within the confines of a resort.

Reset is travel for the next generation.


how it works 

1. What are your current goals or problems? 

Maybe you're ambitious but you're searching for motivation or meaning behind your work. You might be a creative who has been lacking inspiration or suffering from stress or anxiety. It could be that you've just got out of a relationship and want to move on. What is it you would like to improve or change?


2. Select your trip by your motive.

You can currently select group tours for creative inspiration/motivation, stress and anxiety. If you have another motive then simply state it here. If there's enough of you who have put the same thing, then a group tour can be arranged. 


3. Explore an exciting destination with an itinerary that’s geared towards your goals.

The destination and itinerary will be chosen specifically to aid what you hope to achieve. Fear not, this won't be a structured and formal schedule - we want it to be more like a group of friends exploring a new destination together, experiencing new things and meeting new people.


4. Connect with locals who share the same motive as you.

Get to know your destination better with locals and spend a day connecting with like-minded people from other cultures. For instance, if you select the creativity group tour, you will meet with local creatives in the destination you're visiting. Create more meaningful connections by uniting in your similarities and learn from each-others cultural differences. 


5. Return feeling inspired, refreshed and RESET.

We call ourselves a transformational travel brand for a reason. 

Which one will change you?

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